About Us.

Who We Are

Inua Village to Global Foundation is an organization based in Kenya, working to solve various social and economic development challenges for rural communities for the last three years. 60% of Kenya’s population live in a rural settlement where infrastructure such as electricity grid, road networks, better schools, and even water supplies have not been connected. With these realities- the majority of Kenya’s population still practice subsistence farming, there is little transitioning to a higher level of education, many families have no access to electricity, healthcare, and many others. These challenges precipitate high-level poverty, Huge economic inequality, hence low or at times lack access to quality education.


With the high level of poverty, women and girls become exposed and vulnerable to gender-based violence, limited participation in governance and leadership roles, and even in some areas to practices such as female genital mutilation.

Inua Village to Global Foundation is leveraging on various community resources to help alleviate poverty, build schools to make access to quality education a reality for thousands of children, establishing community-based industries to move communities to manufacture, Enhancing agri-business and value-added farming to move families to sustainability and building community-based cooperatives to promote financial inclusion, growth, and sustainable development.

What We Do

We adopt a community-driven approach, awareness, sensitization, and pooling communities together to utilize their innate power and resources to conquer poverty. We believe in community-led initiatives. Whether it’s re-organizing farming to serve the poor farmers, initiating community-driven cooperatives, or starting a community industry- The bottom line is it starts with the people.

Our Mission - BHAG

Have a school in each community in the Western Kenya region- Each of these schools should have an Industry that employs parents to generate income, should have elaborate agriculture and value-addition component that support parents into farming and food production activities that are sustainable and promote environmental well- being.  And lastly, the school must be infused with a strong saving and credit cooperative that promotes saving, makes easier access to credit, and enhances parent’s abilities to grow wealth and contribute to economic growth.

Why Work With Us

Investing and working with us puts you right at the center of the most vulnerable communities in Kenya. Your support goes directly to building avenues for communities to help themselves long after you have left or ended the support.
Working with us brings you to women, girls, boys, men, environment, farming, families, and so much more than for every dollar you give- a whole village can rise and grow to its destiny.

Think about what you can do if you found a reliable partner……That’s exactly what we offer you!