About Us.

Who We Are

Inua Village to Global Foundation started as a grassroot organization in 2017 in Kenya. We pride in being 100% founded and registered under the law of Kenya as a not-for-Profit Company. Our team is made up of a perfect mix of communities in which work with priority being given to young people to drive the wheel.

We are Inspired to solve one major challenge- Access to quality education for poor, vulnerable and orphaned Children living in rural and Informal settlement in Kenya.

After one year of piloting with a small group of children in our makeshift center in Vihiga County, the result and feedback we received from parents and other stakeholders informed what has now become our model of change.

From the surveys we conducted within that year, parents and communities responded to questions like -WHY PARENTS IN RURAL AND INFORMAL SETTLEMENTS WERE NOT ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN EDUCATION PROCESS OF THEIR CHILDREN among other questions that touched on how teachers could engage better with leaners.

Based on the outcomes, Inua Village to Global foundation designed an Ideal Model community school that would bring together learners, teachers, parents and larger community to champion for access to quality education.

To answer the question of access, Inua village to Global Foundation resolved to build small, well equipped and almost community managed schools that can handle 300 to 400 children per site and it could benefit between 3 to 6 villages within a radius of 1-4Km

To deal with the issues of parents’ participation IVTG designed an outreach program that ensures teachers and non-teaching staff make two visits per year per family, and also designed a series of programs that ensure as many parents as possible work within the school vicinity.

To answer to the questions of hunger, lack of resources to participate in income generating activities, IVTG set us an umbrella Saving and Credit Cooperative, value added farming activities and setting up of small community-based industries to employ parents and community members.

Inua Village to Global Foundation has been happy to work with www.furaha-ev.de since inception and as our work grows through lips and bounds, we hope more partners can join us and help drive the change.

We continue to depend on surveys and feedback from parents, learners and communities in which our schools are to inform our interventions, improve our programming and continue to address the issues that are most pressing from people perspective.

What We Do

We adopt a community-driven approach, awareness, sensitization and pooling communities together to utilize their innate power and resources to conquer illiteracy, hunger, lack of capital and resources to invest and lack of industries to do value additions and create jobs. We believe in Community led initiatives, that’s why we build community schools, we set up community food security initiatives, we mobilize community members around our schools into our Saving and Credit Cooperative and we have plans to set up community industries.

Our Mission - BHAG

To build 100 community model schools in the next 20 years. Establish a comprehensive food security and school feeding program stemming from various farming ventures and food storage mechanisms with ability to feed over 10,000people in times of emergency for at least 6 months in the next 10years,  Have a fully operational textile industry with capacity to make over 10,000units of clothes monthly and employing over 100 people in the next 3years and lastly to have a fully functional, officially registered Saving and Credit cooperative with over 500members in the next 5 years.

Why Work With Us

Investing and working with us puts you right at the center of the most vulnerable communities in Kenya. Your support goes directly to building avenues for communities to help themselves long after you have left or ended the support.
Working with us brings you to women, girls, boys, men, environment, farming, families, and so much more than for every dollar you give- a whole village can rise and grow to its destiny.

Think about what you can do if you found a reliable partner……That’s exactly what we offer you!