Volunteer Your Skills

At IVTG we embrace experiential and practical learning and we acknowledge that we people from different background come together, great things happen. That’s why welcome visitors and people from all walks of life to volunteer with us.

Volunteering with us is as easy as ABCD…

First you feel the form expressing interest to volunteer. Once your request is received it’s vetted and within seven days, you have feedback on your request. The answer can be YES, NO or WAIT but often we try our best make it happen.

Areas to volunteer include;

  1. Office and Administration where you work closely with our team to design programs, activities and other administrative procedures
  2. Field work, where you can put all your talents at work either as a language teacher, playing with kids, learning to cook for all the children, engaging in community building activities such as building a house for a need family or participating in a story telling session.
  3. Participate in online marketing and donor finding activities.

What’s great about our volunteer program;

  1. Opportunity to develop ideas and test them with us in real life situation
  2. Working but having fun while at it,
  3. Think about the most remote place you have ever been on earth—-We will take you there
  4. Life long experiences like bathing in a traditional bathroom made of banana leaves, living in a tiny mud hurt without electricity, singing and dancing to local rhythms
  5. Spending time in different rural villages and experiencing local food

Does one pay? No, one does pay to be part of our volunteer program. However, one has an option of donating 120USD per month or 5USD per day to support a project of their choice during their stay. We also offer accommodation and meals on site at 25USD per day (Note, this not a typical hotel set up but a normal family set up where meals and services are very basic most of them gathered locally)

Welcome to a great stay.

To become a volunteer, please fill the form below