Inua Scholarship

We are partnering with various Secondary schools, Universities, colleges and Vocational Institutes to ensure as many students as possible from poor backgrounds transition from primary and into higher levels of educations.

The foundation targets poor but uniquely talented youth across Kenya and with special attention to the communities where we operate. Those who qualify are often very talented in particular areas and or have very good academic performance.

Our scholarship works in two ways

  1. You are free to select a student of your choice from the profiles appearing in list below- This method allows you to support one or several students, exchange letters and if possible, mentor them. The package is pre-determined by the course or school requirements
  2. You can donate a lump sum starting as low as 10$ and the foundation will allocate this money at random based on the level of need among the students.

Our scholarship covers Tuition, living costs where applicable, school/college materials, Uniforms where applicable and examination costs. You also have an option to save 3$ to 5$ for your student on our SACCO platform which they can redeem at the end of their studies.


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