Inua Textile Industries

Inua Village Textile Industry is a community-based clothing and fashion enterprise, specializing in crafting affordable garments that enable local communities to embrace dignified dressing. Our offerings cater to low-income households, encompassing a diverse range for men, women, and children of all age groups.

We take pride in being pioneers as the very first clothing manufacturer to establish itself within a rural community, earnestly seeking to understand the sartorial preferences of rural, low-income households.

Our journey is intertwined with the communities we serve. We not only clothe them but also empower them through job opportunities, igniting the aspirations of the upcoming generation of fashion innovators.

Vision: Embracing Dignified Attire

Mission: Our mission is to create affordable, stylish, and empowering clothing for children, men, and women in western Kenya.

Our Products and Services: We offer a diverse range of products, including:

  • School uniforms
  • Children’s apparel
  • Men’s attire
  • Youth fashion trends
  • Women’s fashion
  • Staff and corporate wear
  • Kitchen garden bags
  • Branded T-shirts
  • Sweaters and embroidered items.

Achievements: Inua Village Textile Industry Limited, supported by the Inua Village to Global Foundation, boasts a dedicated production warehouse capable of producing over 1000 pieces of clothing monthly. This initiative has provided employment for 5 to 12 individuals per month, depending on the volume of orders.

As an integral part of the Inua Village Social Enterprise ecosystem, Inua Village Textile Industry aspires to become a prominent village-level clothing manufacturer. Our shareholders, workers, and customers are all valued members of the community. Founded in 2018 as a small department within Inua Village to Global Foundation, Inua Village Textile transitioned into an independent community industry in 2021. With four community members as primary shareholders, the department achieved official registration as Inua Village Textile Industry Limited.

Reasons for Transition:

  1. Pursuit of Efficiency, Quality, and Profitability.
  2. Pursuit of Diverse Funding Opportunities Beyond Donations.
  3. Creation of Additional Employment Opportunities for Community Members.
  4. Advancement of Institutionalized Community-Level Manufacturing, Inspiring the Community, and Redefining Community Development.

Our Next Five Years: Inua Village Textile aspires to become a leading clothing supplier in Vihiga and Kakamega counties, elevating production capacity to 10,000 garments per month.

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