Providing Quality Education

Inua Village To Global

Inua Village to Global currently operates three community schools and has a goal of opening 97 new schools across various rural communities in the Western parts of Kenya. The goal of our schools is to create platforms where children, parents, and teachers all work together to provide the best quality education for children living in very poor families.

By operating community schools, we are bringing quality education to every child and every community. Activating community resources and channeling them towards educating the next generation. We focus on actively engaging parents through organized staff visits of the children while at home.

We engage parents in income-generating activities within and around our schools to ensure they can provide and support their families.

Currently, we have 1000 children attending our three centers, they are served a nutritious cup of porridge every day, a warm well-balanced diet for lunch daily, a boiled egg, and fruits as part of our feeding program.

While in school, the children play, learn in a conducive environment, have access to well-trained teachers, and an opportunity to explore their talents.

It is an all-round learning process.