Providing Quality Education

Inua Schools

Every child waking up to a good school that supports holistic learning, nurtures their talents and loves them as children.

We have built three schools all of them at different stages and with different needs. We are serving over 700 children. They offer Kindergarten and primary level education teaching both Competency based curriculum and 8-4-4 curriculum. The schools are registered by the Ministry of Education.

Catering for children between the ages of 3 and 20 years, the Inua Schools aspires to offer a friendly learning environment steered by well qualified teachers with ability implement academic and co-curricular activities. Our goal is to offer children from poor families a learning environment where they can start at the earliest opportunity possible, be able to read, excel and have a chance to scale to whatever level in life.
As part of open learning, growth and experiential, we encourage structured play time- Children have access to both indoor and outdoor play facilities.

To take care of nutritional and hunger- Our schools implement a robust school feeding program that see all children receive a cup of nutritious porridge at break time and a warm meal at lunch time.

Our schools put parents at the very center of learning, ensuring that they participate, our staffs through outreach effort visits all the children at home at least twice a year to have engage parents and see how best they can improve their children’s well-being.

With keen interest on ensuring the children’s talents are identified and brought to the fore, children are exposed to various musical instruments, computers and other facets of arts.

  1. Furaha Inua Global school was founded in 2013 and experienced numerous challenges up until in late 2018 when the foundation acquired it. The school is located in Namunyiri Village in Likuyani Sub-County in Kakamega. It serves 370 children from kindergarten to class seven and will be seating for its first national exams in a years’ time. FIGs have become a symbol of the community in Namunyiri, because it has opened doors and embraced both parents, community members and the children.

FIGS has a committed group of professional teachers, friendly and dedicated to serving children. They are all drawn from the immediate community around Namunyiri.

In 2019 the Furaha Inua Global school surprised the community as they matched on the world environment day to raise awareness about the need to conserve environment. The children and teachers planted over 100 trees on that day.

The school has various needs ranging from purchase of land to building a permanent and long-lasting quality facilities. Currently it seats on a leased land which limits the kind of developments that can be done.

  1. Village to Global Achievers School was founded in September of 2017, first starting as a piloting center, it had 70 children, being taught, playing and accessing a meal. One year later towards the end of 2018 the foundation launched the center to become a fully fledged school. It now serves 280 children spread across kindergarten and grade three. The school has grown organically bringing together over 6 villages in Ebukanga area, Emuhaya Sub-County- Vihiga County. As part of the survey we did last year, the school has greatly influenced the two government schools adjacent to it to adopt school feeding initiatives.

The school is managed by an administrator appoint by the foundation board, she in turn manages a team of teaching and non-teaching staff largely drawn from the community around. The team loves children and gives the best to ensure every child comes up with all abilities activated. Through the team, the school has hosted very many community events to raise awareness about education, fight jigger infection among others. The challenges here, remains lack of enough space and quality classrooms and facilities. The foundations continue to build step by step by largely depending on donors and little resources mobilized locally.

  1. LUCIA GLOBAL SCHOOL- was founded in early 2019 as a community feeding program in Soweto Slums, Embakasi East Sub-county, Nairobi County. Having lived in the slum for years, the foundation directors understood the challenges and difficulties many families face. They wanted something that will open doors to more children in this slum. Within a few months of starting the feeding program, the number of children grew to 100 and was rising. The foundation quickly structured the feeding program for it to do more and help in a bigger way. That’s how a third school was born.

Lucia school serves 211 children drawn from across the slums and has currently reached grade two. It has dedicated and well-trained teachers, who participate in community outreach, teach children and empower parents.

Just like the other two schools, Lucia needs land and to build a better school to give children the best. In the meantime, the school continue serving and elevating.