Understanding Inua Sacco

Inua Village Foundation has a desire to set up a non-Deposit taking SACCO, which will allow members to save and access affordable credit. To realize that goal we began by organizing parents whose children attend Inua Village Schools, community members around our schools and all the Foundation’s staffs into saving groups. The goal is to have a member-based saving and credit cooperative. So far, the platform has brought together more than 15 groups, with over 170 members, mobilized over 4000USD in Savings and is already extending credit to members.

People in poor communities where we work have great business ideas but lack the financial strength to make it a reality. Those with already existing businesses need more capital to grow more and expand their businesses. While those with some income need a convenient platform that can enable them to save easily and access affordable credit. This is what Inua Village Sacco intends to achieve- Putting power in the hands of poor communities.

Why the communities we work in need Inua Village Sacco

Cheap interest rates on loans – Inua Village Sacco offers loans to members at very low interest rates of 4% – 8%, compared to commercial banks and other Sacco’s. For instance some banks are offering loans at 18% interest rate per annum while some Sacco’s are giving at a rate of 10% – 16%.

Inspires a Saving culture – Most people tend to spend all they have without sparing some for the future. We advise and train them on various ways to raise income and also ways they can save more.

Return on investment – We have plans of eventually having all members become shareholders and entitled to receive dividends on their savings as we go along. This will even create more opportunities for members.

Beside the above benefits, Inua Village SACCO will continue to help parents invest in things food security and farming, education for their children and self- reliance initiatives.

What we look for in Members

They should be linked to any of our Inua Village to Global Foundation ecosystem as either team members, parents or coming from the communities in which we work.

The must be willing to work, raise income and save and use their earnings to pay for their children’s welfare like food, education and shelter.


Members can save from as low a 0.5$ and can access loans starting from 35$ all the way to 500$. The loans they take include; Normal loan/ Individual loan, Emergency loan, Farming loan, Business grants, loan to buy solar related products, Uplifting loan Better shelter loan, Self-reliant loan, Education loan Loan to buy goats, cows or other domestic animals among others


The SACCO has various needs-

  1. We need more funds to increase our float, invest and have better ability to give loans to members
  2. We need technical support, advise and building of structures to ensure a more responsive and stronger Sacco to serve the needs of members
  3. Support to acquire software and other management tools to improve accountability and effective response to our members.

We are open to building partnerships and one can come in as an investor, donor or creditor.