Inua Textile Industries

In 2018, the Foundation faced a unique challenge- providing uniforms for all the children in their schools. To solve this challenge, the foundation took the difficult path. A path of making their own uniforms. They started with a small domestic machine, employing of parent and working from a small hut. It was tedious to make a few pieces at the beginning.

But as days went by, the foundation continued to invest resources in the department and a few months later, they bought more machines, received a donation from Schneider Electric and even built a stand along room at the school compound to act as the tailoring department.

Production grew to 1500 units annually and the number of people working in the department increased to 5 from the initial one.

The products also increased from just school uniforms, to making home clothes, in 2020 we launched our sweater knitting section and have since embarked on expanding to supply schools other than The Foundations Schools.

Objectives of Inua Village Textile Industry

  1. Employment creation- Aims to employ up to 150 parents’, community members directly and sustain over 5000 community members indirectly.
  2. Aims to be a leading fashion cloth and Uniform making Industry in the western part of Kenya completing over 5,000 orders monthly.
  3. Aims to give dignity to children and community members by making affordable clothes for all.

Future of Inua Village Textile Industry

The Industry is expanding its premises to have three production lines, with all and various textile and apparel industry machines and tools. A modern production warehouse is current under construction. The Industry all want to train over 200 people in various skills and tasks to become a sustainable source of labor for the Industry in future.

What You can do

  1. Invest in this either as a strategic investor, donor or extend a credit facility. This will go toward completion of facilities and amenities at our new expanded site, purchase of machines, operationalization and scaling of our activities.
  2. Partner with us in capacity building, building structures and systems that will deliver a life changing industry for rural communities.

Invite us to benchmark and learn from you.

Inua Textile