Inua Farm

To complete our ecosystem, Inua Village farming is essential and critical. The objective of this is to provide enough food and variety of food to children attending our schools, empower households with skills that improve their capability to produce, store and utilize food all around the year.

This  was after we noticed that there is perennial hunger across the villages where work. Lack of food affected how children attended school and their concentration in class. Parents too were not willing to participate in other activity if they were not guaranteed of having a meal at the end of the day.

Inua Village To Global

Through Inua Village Farming and food security program we undertake the following-

  1. Inua Village School food Stores- In each school we have a food store that has capacity to feed children for at least 6months in times of emergency. The stores also serve emergency food points for families in distress in the community around the school.
  2. Inua Farm Kitchen garden kit- This kit is for training families on simple techniques like sack gardening, using simple irrigation techniques to improve vegetable and fruits supply at household level.
  3. In collaboration with we test and grow Spirulina to supplement community diet needs and fight malnutrition.
  4. Inua Village farm is introducing concepts of modern poultry farming to communities to increase eggs supply and lead families in income generation from farming.

What has already been achieve

  1. We have set up a poultry farm with over 1000 bird population to train and equip interested farmers in Vihiga
  2. Working with Thriving Green we have built a spirulina pond and we are currently undertaking research and tests to ensure the best quality production
  3. There are active stores in all our schools with food that can last two months during an emergency.
  4. We have set up a demonstration Kitchen garden with over 2000 stems of vegetable where communities can come and experience kitchen garden first hand.

To donate toward this effort, go to donate button and choose an option to donate towards Inua Village farming effort.

IVTG Empowering Families’ Initiative

We have also launched a kitchen garden demo that will be a learning platform for parents, this will help them gain skills in vegetable planting in season and out of season, through this they can be able to have more than enough and sell part of this and earn an income.

We have been able to reach out to families through our Sacco platform and given out more than 300 packages for farm inputs. We are planning also to set up an organic farming demo by the end of June 2021.

Besides what we have explained we have more things that are yet to start like our daily farming which we already have already worked on the facility and yet to start like our daily farming which we already have worked on the facility and yet to start.

Farming activities are yet to come true we believe you can support us make it more active. Under our feeding program, we are looking forward to having plenty of staff that can feed our three schools for a whole year, and also some families can come in and have at least a meal for their own house.