Inua Farm

Inua Food and Nutrition security Programme (iFEP), seeks to support and build the capacity of local community members by providing food production, storage and utilisation and disposal of surplus food- to the parents, teachers and learners attending the foundations schools as well as selected community members involved in small scale farming. The programme will also increase awareness on the importance of locally available nutritious foods for the growth and development of children and general economic development of the community. Selected participants will be organised in focus groups where they will be trained, mentored and supported in order to increase their agricultural practice, commercialization of their farming activities and utilisation of the kitchen garden concept to attain security around availability of vegetables and fresh fruits for their families.

Inua Village To Global

Key components of our program:

  1. IVTGF School Food Stores: Within every school, we have established well-equipped food stores capable of sustaining children for a minimum of six months in emergency situations. These stores also serve as critical points for distributing emergency food supplies to families facing distress in the surrounding community.
  2. Kitchen Garden: This initiative focuses on educating families about straightforward yet effective techniques such as sack gardening and employing basic irrigation methods to bolster the supply of vegetables and fruits at the household level.
  3. Modern Poultry Farming Concepts: We are introducing modern poultry farming methods to communities, aiming to boost egg production and guide families towards generating income through farming.

To contribute towards this noble cause, please visit our donation page and select an option to support our nutrition and food security efforts. Your contribution will play a pivotal role in fortifying the food security and livelihoods of our communities.